NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG Extraordinary Governing Body Meeting

10am - Thursday 27 February 2014

The Yorkshire Suite, Golden Lion Hotel, 114 High Street, Northallerton DL6 8PP

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1 Apologies for Absence To Note
  Standard Items  
2 Declarations of Interest To Note
  Strategic Items  
3 Item 1 - Governing Body Paper - Reconfigeration of Maternity and Paediatric Services at The Friarage Hospital, Northallerton  
  Supporting Documents  

Assessment of Future Services - full options appraisal document


Appendix 1 - Additional proposals following public consultation

  Appendix 2 - Health needs assessment and activity modelling  
  Appendix 3 - Factsheets produced during the consultation process  
  Appendix 4 - Correspondence from other NHS Bodies  
  Appendix 5 - Proposed reconfiguration of maternity and paediatrics services  

Appendix 6 - National Clinical Advisory Team (NCAT) reports

  Appendix 7 - Report on the public engagement excercise - Spring 2012  
  Appendix 8 - Communications and Engagement Strategy  

Appendix 9 - Public consultation feedback report


Appendix 10 - Clinical review meetings transcripts


Appendix 11 - Response letters to alternative proposals

  Appendix 12 - Equality Impact Assessment  
  Appendix 13 - Travel Impact Assessment   
  Appendix 14 - CCG Risk Assessment Tool   
  Appendix 15 - Council of Members Voting Summary  
  Video of the Council of Members Meeting (please note this opens in You Tube)  

Date of next Meeting

Thursday  27 March 2014 - 10am
Governing Body Meeting
Coverdale Suite Innovate, Chartermark Way, Colburn Business Park, Colburn, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire DL9 4QJ

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