Consultation options Consultation options

It is recognised that the traditional way of organising and delivering services is not sustainable. The CCG is working with its providers and local population to radically reimagine how care is provided to support the community.

What are we formally consulting on?

The Lambert Memorial Hospital in Thirsk is currently closed due to the provider being unable to sustain adequate staffing levels. In addition to this issue, the building is in a poor state of repair and a recent independent survey concluded that without significant investment over the next five years, it would not be fit for purpose.

The Rutson Ward in Northallerton is situated within an acute hospital and this environment is not ideal for community rehabilitation. In addition to this, GP access to these beds has been limited due to increased pressures from acute services and stroke rehabilitation.

The CCG’s proposed options for the transformation of community services seek to address these issues and provide alternative solutions to the provision of high quality services. The proposals also meet growing public expectation for care closer to home.

Option one

Do nothing. The Lambert Memorial Hospital will remain closed. The Rutson Ward in The Friarage Hospital will continue to be commissioned as it is now.

This option would see the Lambert Memorial Hospital in Thirsk close permanently and the CCG will continue to fund additional beds in The Rutson Ward in Northallerton to accommodate patients who would have been treated as an inpatient at The Lambert Memorial Hospital. 

Option two

Re-open the Lambert with a new North Yorkshire based service provider delivering inpatient care. The beds at The Rutson Ward will go back to the original specification. 

This option would require a competitive tender process to find a new provider of services for The Lambert Memorial Hospital. The current configuration of the Rutson Ward would be retained without the additional beds commissioned by the CCG on a temporary basis when The Lambert Memorial Hospital closed.

Option three

Preferred option based on feedback from engagement. Provide a range of step-up/step-down beds in the community supported by integrated locality teams. 

This option would see a range of beds being commissioned by the CCG in areas of high demand for patients across Hambleton and Richmondshire. Patients would be supported by an integrated team of healthcare professionals working in the community consisting of GPs, social care, community nurses/rehabilitation, mental health and the voluntary sector. This option would result in the permanent closure of the Lambert Memorial Hospital, Thirsk and the decommissioning of the community rehabilitation beds on the Rutson Ward, Northallerton. A service for patients requiring intensive rehabilitation following a stroke will continue to be provided from the Rutson Ward. 

For more detail on each of these options including the approval criteria used, please visit the Transforming Our Communities webpage