Shadow Governing Body Meeting

10.00 am, 22 November 2012
Conference Room, Innovate, Chartermark Way, Colburn Business Park, Colburn, DL9 4QJ


Agenda item Action Documents
1.          Apologies for Absence - Verbal
Standard items    
2.          Approve the Minutes of the Shadow Governing Body held on Thursday 25 October 2012 For Approval
3.          Action Log update To Agree
4.          Declarations of Interest           To Note Verbal
5.          Chairman's Report To Note Verbal
6.          Chief Clinical Officer's Report To Note Verbal
7.          Finance, Contracts and Quality To Note
8.          Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention plans 2012-13 To Note
9.          (Draft) Terms of Reference for the Audit and Integrated Governance Committee and Quality and Safety subgroup To Approve
10.          Francis Report Masterclass - update To Note Verbal
Items for Information    
11.          Outpatients service redesign implementation plan to be reviewed (From February 2012) Deferred until 24 January 2013 Meeting  
12.          Physiotherapy services to be reviewed (from March 2012) Deferred until 24 January 2013 Meeting  
13.          Items for Newsletter            To Agree Verbal
Date of Next Meeting    
14.          Thursday 20 December 2012, The Courtroom, Rural Arts, The Old Courthouse, Westgate, Thirsk, Y07 1QS To Note