NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG Governing Body Meeting

10am - Thursday 24 July 2014

Cottage Meeting Room, Northallerton Methodist Church, High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8EG

Agenda - Click Here To View

No Agenda Item Action Documents
1 Apologies for Absence To Note  
  Standard Items    
2 Approve the Minutes of the Governing Body Meeting held on 22 May 2014 To Approve


3 Action Log update To Agree See Minutes
4 Declarations of Interest To Note See Minutes
5 Chairman's Report To Note Verbal
6 Clinical Chief Officer’s Report To Note Verbal
7 Health Engagement Network (HEN) representatives update To Note Verbal
  Strategic Items    
8 Safeguarding Children’s Annual report To Approve


8 Appendix 1 - Annual Report   View
9 Strategic Plan and Executive Summary To Approve View
9 Appendix 1 -  Strategic Plan                              View
9 Appendix 2 -  Strategic Plan Summary   View
10 Options for the redevelopment of Whitby Community Hospital For Decision View
10 Appendix 1 - Whitby Hospital Strategic Estates Options Appraisal   View
11 Whitby and surrounding area Community and Out of Hours Services Procurement For Decision  View
11 Appendix 1 - Services and Service Improvement Summaries   View
11 Appendix 2 - Feedback Results from Whitby Bidders Event   View
11 Appendix 3 - Equality Impact Assessment Summary Report   View
12 Revision of Procurement Strategy  To Approve View
12 Appendix 1 - Revised Procurement Strategy   View
13 Healthy Child Programme 5-19 years To Note View
14 North Yorkshire Area Partnership To Approve View
14 Appendix 1 - North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership Constitution   View
15 Contract Performance For Assurance


15    Appendix 1 - Core Performance Dashboard   View
16 Finance Performance  Dashboard For Assurance View
16 Appendix 1 - Financial Performance dashboard   View
17 Quality and Safety Update For Assurance


18 Yorkshire Ambulance Service Update For Assurance View
19 Management of Conflict of Interest For Decision


19 Appendix 1 - Clinical Input in Procurement   View
20 Treatment Advice Group (TAG) recommendations For Decision View
20 Appendix 1 - Policy Recommendations   View
21 Minutes of the Audit and Integrated Governance Committee meeting 6 March 2014 For Assurance View
22 Assurance Framework For Assurance


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Date of next Meeting

Thursday 25 September 2014 at 10am, Coverdale Suite Innovate, Chartermark Way, Colburn Business Park, Catterick Garrison,  North Yorkshire DL9 4QJ

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