Audience and stakeholders Audience and stakeholders

It's crucial to understand who our key stakeholders are and their importance to the delivery of the CCG’s vision; building supportive and trusting relationships with our key stakeholders is critical to its success.

The CCG has many stakeholders who we must engage with and it’s important that we engage them early to really understand and listen to their needs. A comprehensive stakeholder database is held by the communications and engagement team and is regularly reviewed and updated in line with GDPR requirements

Every consultation and engagement activity includes a tailored stakeholder analysis to ensure we're aiming to reach and involve the right people. Visit our population and partner pages for more information.

An overview of our stakeholder groups and their general engagement needs can be summarised in the graphics below which you can click to download:












Advancing equality and reducing inequalities

CCGs should be able to demonstrate how we have tried to ensure:

  • Participation activity reaches diverse communities and groups with distinct health needs and those who experience difficulties accessing health services, including inclusion health groups.
  • People who have characteristics that are protected under the Equality Act 2010 are involved.
  • People who lack capacity are protected and empowered and that the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 are met.

In order to reach and develop relationships with diverse communities, we work closely with our voluntary sector organisations wherever possible.

When undertaking consultations and surveys, we aim to monitor protected groups by capturing this information with consent.

When commencing a project or the development of a policy, we undertake an Equality Impact Assessment 

You can find out more on our Equality and Diversity page