Children's mental health and wellbeing Children's mental health and wellbeing

The North Yorkshire CCGs commission the following services in relation to children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing:

Compass BUZZ  (School Mental Health and Wellbeing project)
The Compass BUZZ School Mental Health and Wellbeing Project offers confidential information and advice for professionals, parents/carers and children and young people across North Yorkshire in relation to emotional and mental wellbeing.

The project also offers training and consultation to professionals, in particular schools to enable them to take a whole school approach to supporting the mental health of students.

BUZZ US text service
An innovative text messaging service for young people has launched across North Yorkshire thanks to the local CCGs and Compass BUZZ.

This new, innovative and confidential service, officially named BUZZ US, is for young people across North Yorkshire aged 11-18 years to help support any mental health and wellbeing issues. By texting the service on 07520 631168 they will be able to receive confidential advice, support and signposting from a wellbeing worker within one day via text. 

Compass BUZZ is committed to ensuring the safety of young people. Before launching the service, we consulted with other text messaging services, police and local safeguarding to make sure that young people will receive the correct advice and support when they need it.


Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
The specialist CAMHS service is provided by Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV). The specialist CAMHS service is made up of a group of health professionals (nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, primary mental health workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, child psychotherapists and CAMHS clinicians) who specialise in helping children and young people (aged 0 to 18 years) and their families. They can provide help and support for all kinds of problems that may be making the young person feel worried, stressed or frightened.

The specialist CAMHS service offers:
  • Individual sessions to help the child and family explore worries, anxieties and concerns
  • Assessment for medication
  • Family therapy - an opportunity for the whole family to talk about worries or anxieties together with a group of family therapists
  • Child psychotherapy - a child psychotherapist will work with children and families by listening, observing carefully and thinking a lot, as well as using talking therapy. Together with each person, a child psychotherapist can help make life make sense so that the young person can begin to feel better
  • Group work including observation groups for children of similar ages as part of their assessment process, as well as a parent/carer group that takes the Solihull approach to understanding their child's behaviour. Groups for parents and teachers, to understand self-regulation and strategies for this, also take place.
  • The service accepts written referrals from either GPs, paediatricians, health visitors, school nurses, social care, adult mental health, community doctors, pupil and parent services, youth offending services (YOS), Insite, pupil services, children's centres and integrated service managers. 
Further information about the CAMHS service can be found on the TEWV Trust website 
You can find out more about CAMHS from this youtube video:

Crisis leaflets

Download these leaflets for more information:


Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Emotional and Mental Health 
In 2015, Future in Mind (FiM), the national report of the Children and Young People’s Health Taskforce was published by NHS England. The report established a clear direction and set key principles about improving access to high quality mental health care for children and young people. As a result of Future in Mind, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are required to produce a Local Transformation Plan (LTP) and to ‘refresh’ this plan annually as part of an ongoing assurance process.

The Local Transformation Plan (refreshed October 2019) reviews the progress over the last year of children and young people’s emotional and mental health, and outlines the plan for improvement over the next year.

In order to achieve these ambitions, the children and commissioning team work closely with partners across North Yorkshire to collaboratively address the social and emotional health needs of children and young people across the region. This includes multi agency partnership working to ensure seamless work between agencies, services providers.  A key document that supports this work is the Cross Agency Social and Emotional Health Implementation Plan which is scheduled for publication in February 2018. 


The North East Lincs Youth Council has created some videos supported by Estuary TV (a local freeview channel) to raise awareness of mental health. Take a look: Youth Mental Health Mixtape