Equality and diversity Equality and diversity

The Equality Act 2010 protects people with nine protected characteristics [PDF 237KB] from discrimination. As an authorised public sector organisation, Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby (HRW) CCG are required by The Equality Act to address Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED); to eliminate discrimination, and to advance equality of opportunity and build good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

Part of the duty is that the CCG must prepare and publish a set of equality objectives that it will work to achieve. The objectives must be refreshed every four years and the following four objectives were confirmed in December 2016.

  1. To ensure all services are commissioned fairly and equitably; and the needs of all protected characteristic groups are properly understood and considered to eliminate any unlawful discrimination
  2. To identify, understand and overcome any barriers to equity of access to services and patient experience
  3. To maintain positive working relationships amongst all the workforce
  4. To ensure that senior managers lead by example and staff have managerial guidance and support to maintain a place of work that is free from any form of discrimination

These objectives focus on engagement, awareness and understanding; they will build on the progress made since the CCG’s inception in 2013 and successful completion will be supported by the action plan [PDF 174KB], which was reviewed and redrafted in December 2016. The document is still work in progress, updated versions will be uploaded in due course; and the plan will be further refreshed annually to demonstrate progress.

As well as giving staff presentations and undertaking an in-house engagement event, the CCG is also represented at the North Yorkshire Equality and Diversity Strategic Partnership, whose members have a wealth of local knowledge and experience which can access as we work towards our objectives.

The CCG will continue to use its own Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) at the start the service development or policy process to ensure the possible impact of projects, decisions and policies on people with protected characteristics are understood. This flow chart [Word 1935KB] includes links to the template and supporting guidance.

To assist with the development of the objectives, the CCG adopted the Equality Delivery System (EDS), a tool comprising 4 goals and 18 outcomes designed by the NHS to support the analysis of equality performance with the aim of embedding equality into all commissioning activities. A fully reviewed and revised assessment [567KB] and final goals and grades [297KB] document were completed in November 2016.

If you have any questions regarding our Equality Objectives, or wish to support our efforts to achieve them, please contact Richard Kirby, Service Improvement Officer: richard.kirby3@nhs.net

Additional Documentation:

  1. Local Population Data [215KB]
  2. WRES Statement [580KB]