How we reach you How we reach you

The population of Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby is predominantly of white British ethnic origin (97%) with only a very small percentage of the population (3%) representing other ethnic groups (Reference 2011 Census).

Despite this, there is still diversty across the patch; therefore it is essential all voices are heard and taken into account throughout all stages of the commissioning cycle

We aim to identify and engage with all communities, however we know there will be some areas to improve on. That's why our relationship with the local voluntary sector and community groups is so important.

Once our audience has been identified, we aim to communicate in a variety of ways being as open, transparent and accessible as possible. Some ways we do this is by using:

It is important to acknowledge the challenges around the rurality of the patch. We therefore aim to organise face-to-face events or meetings in accessible locations right across the area ensuring we are as inclusive as possible.

We also consider the best ways to engage with protected groups and those who are sometimes overlooked before undertaking each peice of work. You can find out more on our Equality and diversity page

During consultations, information is made available in formats that are relevant and accessible to the public and patients where appropriate, including easy read. Hard copy surveys and documents are made available to those without access to a computer or who are otherwise unable to access electronic documents. They are placed in accessible locations within the community including hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies, libraries and community centres.

Information is also made available via online, digital and social media channels to facilitate discussion and feedback amongst stakeholders who are more likely to engage via these channels and assisting with the challenges around our rurality.

Engagement is often supported by existing patient and service user groups. We therefore acknowledge the importance of effectively capturing and evidencing feedback so a template to capture appropriate information is circulated.