Incident Reporting Incident Reporting

Please use these reporting tools to quickly access Soft Intelligence and Incidents reporting: You will see there are 6 tiles;

  1. Soft intelligence - for anything that’s not an incident you would like to tell us about e.g. general issues and frustrations with care homes, Hospitals, pathways, funding streams i.e. untimely discharge letters, staffing issues etc). 
  2. Primary care incident reporting - for concerns which have impacted directly on a patient/group of patients which would benefit from being investigated to prevent recurrence (i.e. blood results sent to wrong practice, IG issues, falls in the practice, late ambulance transfers and untimely discharge letters where the patient’s treatment/after care has been delayed as a result. 
  3. NHS 111 - for concerns directly relating to 111 service.
  4. Safeguarding - for any referrals/alerts in primary care.
  5. Serious Incidents and Performance Issues - for any incident reportable under the SI framework (see attached guidance and FAQ’s)- anything that causes serious harm for patients- for e.g. unexpected deaths on premises, falls which result in a fracture and failure to provide treatment within expected timeframes which adversely alters the patients outcome.
  6. Contact CCG’s Quality Lead - if you’re unsure about whether to report in the first instance,  or if you should declare as an incident or SI for example.
  7. Contact NHS England - if your concern relates to GP performance and you are seeking advice.