Kenneth Readshaw Kenneth Readshaw

Ken is a chartered accountant who trained with KPMG. He then moved into industry and has considerable experience of the chemical and power generation sectors, both in the UK and abroad. He has been Chair of the Governing Body of The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form for six years and is passionate about helping to provide communities with the best possible public services.

Along with his roles as a voting lay member of the Governing Body and conflict of interest guardian, Ken is also the Chair of Audit and Integrated Governance Committee and is a member of Remuneration Committee, Transformation and Procurement Committee and the Joint Commissioning of Primary Care Committee. 

Ken also supports Scarborough and Ryedale CCG as a lay member of their Governing Body and has recently become a lay member of the Joint Committee of CCGS in Cumbria and the North East

Ken is married with three children, all born and bred in North Yorkshire, and works with the CCG and the local community to improve health services.