Linda Lloyd Linda Lloyd

I have served on many differing types of committees at local, regional and national level often having to cascade the information back to the organisations involved and then onto residents involving presentations and public speaking. I endeavour to communicate effectively with everyone in my community. I have lived in the Esk Valley for over 25 years and I am engaged with our community, both socially and as a volunteer.

As I represent the public and patients, I can be their conduit for queries and questions to the CCG. As a lay person I can understand how complicated our health care system seems, so I hope I am able to demystify papers and terminology that surrounds this corner of the medical world. This statutory role has also the position of Vice-Chair of the CCG Governing Body and as a lay member, I can chair meetings if a clinical person would be conflicted. I chair the Joint Commissioning of Primary Care and Remuneration Committees and I am a member of the Audit and Integrated Governance and Quality and Safety Committees. This hopefully provides assurance that, through my attendance, the public is well represented throughout the various committees of the CCG.

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