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Urinary Tract Infection suite of resources for NYY General Practice 

Working with the North Yorkshire and York CCGs and other healthcare professional colleagues in the region, a suite of resources for General Practice has been produced providing advice and a point of reference to patients, care staff and healthcare professionals on preventing, diagnosing and managing UTIs. Reducing the number of UTIs, and prompt recognition and appropriate management of UTIs helps to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and supports The Secretary of State for Health’s ambition to reduce healthcare associated GNBSI and inappropriate antimicrobial prescribing by 50% before 2021.

The resources can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

‘Guidance for Healthcare Professionals in General Practice to aid with the diagnosis and management of UTI in care home residents’ poster

‘Are you drinking enough?’ poster

‘Preventing UTIs and dehydration slide show for General Practice waiting areas’ PowerPoint


Advice Bulletins