Investing in Whitby Hospital Investing in Whitby Hospital

Whitby Hospital

We want to improve the community hospital for Whitby and the surrounding area and in 2014, started looking at how this might be achieved. 

The CCG engaged with the local community and key stakeholders to evaluate their support for the preferred option identified. The preferred option focused on delivering health services for the area in a remodeled hospital that ensures a fit-for-purpose facility which delivers the best value for money solution for the NHS.

This is achieved through appropriate service planning and commissioning which will reduce revenue expenditure, minimising capital investment and maximising capital receipt from surplus land and property.

It also means that the Local Authority (NYCC) has a strategic need within the locality to develop a range of community based services (extra care housing, independent living for people with physical and/or learning disabilities) which could be co-located on the Whitby hospital site. This is not the responsibility of the CCG but we work very closely with them.

There is strong public support for remodeling the hospital on the current site and this is the option that the CCG has been progressing to date. 

What is the latest on the hospital redevelopment?

In November 2017 the CCG’s Governing Body unanimously agreed to move forward with the plans. The next steps were for NHS Property Services as owners of the site to secure funding from the Department of Health.

A staff and public engagement event was held on Tuesday 14 August in Whitby where the latest designs and plans for the site were shared.

Watch this video which explains the project and recent progress made by the design team:


What are the designs for the hospital?

The latest designs were launched at the event on 14 August. Some of the designs, which were placed onto display boards to help the team talk-through the detail, are available to download and view below:

More detailed designs are available upon request and are also available to view on Scarborough Borough Council's planning website.

Further information on timescales will be shared with the community as soon as it is available. Read the Whitby frequently asked questions for more information

Why remodel the hospital?

  • Many areas of the hospital are under-occupied or mothballed. A strategic assessment of the space likely to be required for the new service models for both in-patients and outpatients demonstrates that approximately 60% of the existing facility will not be required in the future to meet the defined service needs.
  • The CCG pays rent on the unused space in the hospital, which is money better spent on patient care.
  • Maintenance costs will increase significantly moving forward but investment in the current facility will not deliver efficiencies in terms of operating costs.
  • The CCG’s Vision for Whitby and surrounding areas sets out a direction of travel for sustainable health and social care services and the current hospital does not meet the requirements of future service models. Transforming community services is key to delivering a remodeled hospital.
  • It will promote integration and collaborative working.
  • It will allow  new developments in technology to be embraced which will  support providing care closer to people’s homes.
  • It will provide possible co-location opportunities for partner organisations to realise the CCG’s vision of a health and social care campus as well as rationalise properties and facilities.

To find out more about the CCG’s Vision for long term sustainable health and social care services for Whitby please click here (issued 2014)