Consultation events Consultation events

Below are proposed consultation events across Hambleton and Richmondshire for 'Transforming Mental Health Services'. Members of the public are invited to ‘drop-in’ to review the various options, choose their preferred and offer feedback.

Please note that the events below are subject to change and more events may be added.

Date Time Location
27 June 2pm - 4.30pm CCG AGM, Richmond Town Hall
29 June

2pm - 5pm

Friarage Hospital Hub
4 July 2pm - 5pm Stokesley Library
6 July 10am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm Colburn Library
7 July 9am - 12pm Friary Surgery
11 July 9am - 12pm Lambert Medical Centre
13 July 2pm - 5pm Friarage Hospital Hub
14 July 8.30am - 3pm Leyburn Market Place
18 July 9am - 12.30pm Topcliffe Surgery

19 July

10am - 1pm Northallerton Library
21 July 8.30am - 3pm Stokesley Market Place
22 July 9am - 2pm Richmond Market Place
25 July 9am - 1pm Bedale Hall
27 July 9.30am - 3pm Friarage Hospital Hub
28 July 9.45pm - 1pm Thirsk Library
5 August 9am - 3pm Thirsk Market
7 August 9am - 12.30pm Glebe House Surgery
9 August 9am - 3pm Northallerton Market
10 August 9.30am - 3pm Friarage Hospital Hub
11 August 9am - 12.30pm Mayford House Surgery
15 August 9am - 12pm Thirsk Health Centre
16 August 8.30am -12pm Leyburn Medical Practice
18 August 9am -12pm Mowbray Practice
21 August 8am - 11am Stokesley Health Centre
22 August 9.30am -12pm Hawes Library
23 August 10am - 12pm Richmond Library
24 August 9am -12pm Friarage Hospital Hub
30 August 10am - 1pm Catterick Library
4 September 9am -12.30pm Hawes Practice
5 September 9am - 3pm Bedale Market Place
6 September 8.30am - 12pm Harewood Medical Practice
7 September 9.30am - 3pm Friarage Hospital Hub
8 September 10am - 12pm Catterick Village Medical Centre
11 September 10am - 12pm Leyburn Library
13 September 9am - 3pm Northallerton Market





























You do not need to book these events. If you are unable to attend, you can still offer feedback by:

Feedback can also be shared with the CCG directly by email on or in writing to: Freepost Plus, RTER-KESE-BGCH, HRW CCG, Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Northallerton DL6 2UU.