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Developing the Long Term Plan for the NHS: please tell us what you think

This consultation is now closed and the NHS Long Term Plan has now been published. You can read more here: www.hambletonrichmondshireandwhitbyccg.nhs.uk/nhs-long-term-plan


NHS England has asked the CCG to gather thoughts on how they develop a long term plan for the NHS. 

On 18 June the Prime Minister set out a funding settlement for the NHS in England for the next five years. In return, the NHS has been asked to set out a long term plan for the future of the NHS by autumn, setting out our ambitions for improvement over the next decade, and our plans to meet them over the five years of the funding settlement.

As articulated by the Prime Minister and the NHS Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, the development of the long term plan for the NHS will need to be based on the advice and experience of clinical experts, staff and other stakeholders, including representatives of patients and the public.

As part of this process it is vital that all those who rely on, and work in or alongside the NHS have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and insights. To make it easy to have say on the different aspects of the plan, NHS England has created a discussion guide (also attached) for staff, clinicians, patients and the public. An easy read version (also attached) of this guide is also available.

The topics for your comments and ideas are as follows:

1.      Life stage programmes:

a.      Early life

b.      Staying well

c.      Ageing well

2.      Clinical priorities:

a.      Cancer

b.      Cardiovascular and respiratory

c.      Learning disability and autism

d.      Mental health

3.      Enablers of improvement:

a.      Workforce

b.      Primary care

c.      Digital innovation and technology

d.      Research and innovation

e.      Engagement

We would therefore appreciate any comments or ideas on the topics outlined in the discussion guide so we can collate and share with NHS England. This can be on behalf of individuals or organisations and will be submitted by the CCG to NHS England, anonymously. 

We have been given a rather short deadline, therefore please could you send any comments to hrwccg.hrwccgenquiries@nhs.net (either via email, Word or Excel document) by 12pm Friday 28 September 2018. Alternatively, please write to us using the address below: