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Local GP federation - Heartbeat Alliance
Heartbeat Alliance is a GP-based organisation established to provide high quality care for people delivered by local clinicians whom patients know and trust to care for them. 21 of the 22 GP practices in the CCG area have come together to create this alliance. We work really closely with Heartbeat on various projects and services including extended access for GP services and cancer transformation.

Health Engagement Network Representatives
The Health Engagement Network Representatives (HEN Reps) have been in post since the inception of the CCG. They are non-voting members of the CCG’s Governing Body and are crucial link between the CCG and patients in their respective localities (Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby).

They are the CCG’s ‘critical friends’ who support in the sharing of important messages to groups such as Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in general practice, as well as gathering service feedback.

Health Engagement Network
We have built a network of people who are part of our Health Engagement Network (HEN) with a particular interest in local health services. The HEN is a key tool in enabling us to reach our local communities and it is our ‘go to’ resource for feedback on services and our plans for the future.

We have around 200 members and our aim is to continue to grow the membership and develop the network. 

Members of the HEN can specify the level of involvement they would like – ranging from receiving the occasional survey to being invited to take part in focus groups looking at specific issues. The three levels of membership are Advocate, Associate and Information Only.

Views are gathered using a number of methods including surveys, focus groups, regular meetings and conversations. It is planned to hold meetings within each of the localities to enhance the membership and provide two way communication.

Health and Wellbeing Board
The CCG will continue to be an active member on the Health and Wellbeing Board and will use it as a key forum for engaging with partners such as North Yorkshire County Council and the local Healthwatch.

They are responsibility for developing the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy following engagement with the public and partners.

North Yorkshire Scrutiny of Health Committee
The CCG will ensure that any commissioning decisions that are likely to have a significant impact on patients will be presented to the North Yorkshire Scrutiny of Health Committee. The Committee reviews any matter relating to the planning, provision and operation of health services in the County. The aim is to act as a lever to improve the health of local people, ensuring that the needs of the local people are considered as an integral part of the delivery and development of health services.

The CCG will keep the Committee up to date with engagement activities and service proposals through attendance at formal and informal meetings and via the stakeholder newsletter. We will maintain our positive working relationship with the Committee. 

Healthwatch North Yorkshire
Healthwatch North Yorkshire supports people to:

  • have a say in how health and social care services are provided,
  • find out about health and social care services,
  • make a formal complaint about NHS services.

We work with Healthwatch to support their work and drive engagement with members of the public. We will further develop and enhance our relationship with Healthwatch and work in partnership efficiently to engage with patients and carers. We will ensure that the insight we receive about services we commission helps us to continually improve healthcare provision across our area.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)
Most of our practices now have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which is a statutory duty. A PPG is a group of patients interested in health and healthcare issues, who want to get involved with and support the running of their local GP practice.

We continue to develop robust relationships with the PPGs and include them within our communications and engagement activity as standard. Our Lead for Patient and Public Involvement and Health Engagement Network Representatives often attend PPG meetings and are able to feed back any queries, concerns or ideas to the CCG.

NHS partners
We are pleased to be able to commission services from a number of NHS trusts (alongside other service providers):

Our ambulance services are provided by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust who also are the provider of NHS 111 for our region. In addition to this we fund services from a number of neighbouring providers so that we can uphold the rights of our patients to choose where they go for treatment where it is appropriate to do so.

We formally review the engagement/public involvement activity of our providers in line with the Service Conditions of the NHS Standard Contract and specifically:

  • Service Condition 8 - Unmet Needs, making every contact count and self-care
  • Service Condition 12 - Communicating with and involving service users, public and staff.
  • Service Condition 16 - Complaints

Local authorities
We continue to build upon our good relationships with North Yorkshire County Council, Hambleton District Council, Richmondshire District Council and Scarborough Borough Council.

Our local authority partners are key corporate stakeholders and we continue to strengthen our partnership work between organisations within health and social care community in order to improve the well-being of our patients and public.

We will share intelligence that is appropriate and wherever possible and work together to target specific communities and groups. This will help to enable the involvement of particularly isolated and seldom heard groups, avoid duplication of effort and ensure that experiences and opinions expressed by local communities are incorporated into joint commissioning plans.

Local elected members
We meet regularly with our local MPs and elected members and proactively brief and include them within developments in the area along with receiving and responding to feedback from their constituents about local health services. 

Voluntary sector
The CCG proactively engages with a number of local voluntary and community sector partners, both as providers of services and as parties with an interest and influence in local health care. These groups often support the CCG in indentifying and engaging with the harder to reach and more vulnerable communities.

We regularly attends established forums and invites members of the voluntary sector to be represented upon our groups that influence and shape health services. We will continue to encourage these partners to help us shape local services.

You can find out more about local groups by visiting our Community partners page


We are now also part of a wider network of partners called the North Cumbria and North East Integrated Care Partnership which works within the Integrated Care System