Our priorities Our priorities

As a group of GPs, we intend to transform local health services to better meet the needs of our local population. To help us achieve this, we have developed a five year strategic plan which sets out our priorities and will guide our work throughout the coming years.

Reduce health inequalities
We have a number of priorities that we will work on so that we can help support the health and wellbeing needs of local people. One of our key priorities is to reduce the health inequalities that face people across Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby areas.

Over the coming years we have made a commitment to tackling some of the biggest issues. We do some of this work jointly with North Yorkshire County Council who lead on public health as well as supporting national initiatives from Public Health England.

Our priorities are:

1. Transforming the community system – to create effective, integrated community services that enable patients to be cared for as close to home as possible.

2. Mental health and dementia care – to meet the challenge of providing the best possible care for the rising numbers of patients with dementia.

3. Clinically appropriate planned care – to ensure care pathways and referrals across all specialties are as clinically efficient and effective as possible.

4. Children’s health – to ensure that urgent care services are safe and sustainable and we build improved services in the community for vulnerable children and those with complex needs.

5. Patients with long term conditions – to improve patient’s ability to self-care and achieve their own goals, supported by earlier diagnosis and better identification of patients who are at risk.

6. Prevention of ill-health – to work with the North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board to take forward plans and projects to improve the health of the local population.

7. Productivity in primary care


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