Patient and public representatives Patient and public representatives

The Lead for Patient and Public Involvement has a role in overseeing many elements of the CCG with an emphasis on ensuring that, in all aspects of business, the public voice of the local population is heard and opportunities are created and protected for patient and public empowerment. They are also the Vice Chair of the CCG's Governing Body helping to assure the population that their voice is heard.

Lead for Patient and Public Involvement

"As I represent the public and patients, I can be their conduit
for queries and questions to the CCG. As a lay person I can
understand how complicated our health care system seems,
so I hope I am able to demystify papers and terminology that            
surrounds this corner of the medical world."

Linda Lloyd


The Health Engagement Network  is a network of people with a particular interest in local health services. It’s a key tool in enabling us to reach our local communities and is our ‘go to’ resource for feedback on services and our plans for the future. It's free to join and you can choose how much you want to be involved.

The Health Engagement Network Representatives (HEN Reps) have been in post since the inception of the CCG. They are non-voting members of the CCG’s Governing Body and are crucial link between the CCG and patients in their respective localities (Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby). 

They are the CCG’s ‘critical friends’ who support in the sharing of important messages to groups such as Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in general practice, as well as gathering service feedback.

HEN Rep meetings
The HEN Reps meet every other month (where possible) to discuss, review and advise on patient and public involvement activity as well as CCG communications. They are able to note key issues and 'hot topics' from each of their locality area. The meeting is chaired by the Lead for Patient and Public Involvement and often include agenda items from external partners such as Healthwatch North Yorkshire

If you would like more information on these meetings please email or contact your HEN Rep below:

Hambleton Health Engagement Network Representative (Interim)

Get in touch:
01609 767600

Jim Forrest

Richmondshire Health Engagement Network Representitive

Get in touch:
01609 767600

Jane Ritchie MBE

Whitby Health Engagement Network Representative

Get in touch:
01609 767600

Doff Pollard