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1. Is the Friary Hospital in Richmond at risk when current lease runs out?

Response from Dr Mark Hodgson, local GP and CCG Governing Body member:

You recently raised the issue of the PFI lease on the Friary building in Richmond. I believe that the Friends of the Friary had raised some concerns.

The matter was discussed at the Senior Management Team meeting at the CCG this week. We were informed that the lease has 9 years left to run and that at the end of that period the building could revert back to the PFI company.

However, the CCG has an option to extend the lease by another 9 years and we have until 7 months before the original lease expires to make this decision. In terms of health provision, 9 years is a long time and as a CCG we would not feel in a position to extend the lease now, not knowing what the future will bring.

As a CCG however we would like to reassure you and the Friends of the Friary that we remain committed to providing care as close to home as we can for our patients and that there is a lot of ongoing work to develop a vision of what needs to be done to achieve this .

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with The Friends to discuss this in person.

2. Where are the step-up/step-down beds located in Richmondshire?

There are currently step-up/down beds at the following locations across Richmondshire:

  • Two beds: Kirkwood Hall, Hamby Road, Leyburn DL8 5NS
  • One bed: Sycamore Hall, Bainbridge DL8 3HF

More information on the step-up/step-down beds can be found on our 'Community Beds' page

3. What is happening with the Brentwood Lodge project?

Update on the Brentwood Lodge Reprovision Project

(Prepared by Stephanie Porter, Deputy Director of Estates and Capital Programmes
18 January 2017)
1. Purpose of the Report
This is the next update report on progress on the Brentwood Lodge reprovision project.
2. Brentwood Lodge
Brentwood Lodge Care Home is being reprovided by North Yorkshire County Council, and is being replaced with an ‘Extra Care Service’ which will/is being delivered by the North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) development partner Broadacres.  
When the scheme was originally built a health wing was built to provide services to the local community, funded by the NHS. To reflect the investment a long lease was provided which has more than 70 years to run and a calculation was included in the lease which would compensate the NHS if there was an agreement to surrender the lease before the end date. The NHS is under no obligation to vacate the site. 
In order to support NYCC’s intentions to develop this extra-care scheme NHS Property Services have been in discussion around options for reproviding the health facilities. It is important that any solution does not create a financial liability to the NHS, so the NHS should be in no worse position than it is currently if we are to give up the lease and enter into new leases.
Broadacres commenced the phased demolition of the Care Home in October 2016. This has left the Health block isolated, but Broadacres are committed to ensuring a safe operational area for an interim period until the options for relocation of the health services are concluded. Discussions have commenced to see if parties can be reached an agreement on the surrender value and any option for Broadacres to reprovide some or all of the current health services. This will then allow health to move so that the final bit of the building can be demolished and the Extra Care Development completed.
NHS Property Services are negotiating the surrender of the long lease with NYCC and Broadacres on behalf of the CCG in addition to working via an agent on the terms of any replacement unit(s) provided by Broadacres for the health services. This work has proved difficult with Broadacres reluctantly engaging in timely discussions. Its possible that the land the health wing occupies will not transfer to Broadacres and be retained for onward disposal by NYCC if a deal cannot be reached. 
3. Developing the options for reproviding Brentwood Lodge Services
The health project group for the reprovision of services from Leyburn have determined that there are a number of options for the relocation of services:
  • Relocate all services to Leyburn Medical Practice, which would need an extension to the current building
  • Relocate all services to 2 converted bungalows  provided by Broadacres 
  • Split the services so that dental are relocated in a bungalow provided by Broadacres and relocate podiatry and physiotherapy to Leyburn 
Work to scope the Leyburn Medical Practice expansion (both options) has been completed and preliminary designs and costs have been produced.
Initial design work on the redeveloped bungalows was produced very early in the process by Broadacres and we await firm costs and heads of terms – which has been slow to be produced by Broadacres and is delaying our reprovision programme.
In order to determine the preferred option from the three above, the CCG need to understand the affordability of each option and the current budget for Brentwood Lodge and it is dependent on the outcome of the discussions with NHSPS and Broadacres and NYCC.
To date the scheme as it relates to the surrender value and the heads of terms for the Broadacres proposal has been very slow to reach a conclusion.
  • Initially there was confusion as to whether it was NYCC responsibility to engage with NHSPS or Broadacres. Some 8-10 weeks of delay was incurred as a result. 
  • NHSPS report that Broadacres remain reluctant to provide full heads of terms information on an option which isn’t concluded yet. Ie they are only prepared to do work on a known preferred option. 
  • Given that Broadacres are offering commercial terms, which do not reflect the surrender value or the original investment parameters which the health wing was developed under, there is still some way to go with regards to the CCG having full financial information to agree its preferred option.
  • Staff on site in the health wing report operational difficulties, with the waste provision being ceased and security lighting being withdrawn…as both was provided by the Care Home and have not been reinstated by Broadacres. These operational issues are hoped to be temporary and NHSPS Facilities Management team are managing a resolution with Broadacres.
  • Assura who own Leyburn Medical Practice are awaiting a decision on the purchase of additional land required for the extension. If this is the preferred option, then the site with planning permission will not be ready for at least 12 -14 months. This will impact on the Broadacres development programme and the delivery of Extra Care.
4. Summary and Recommendation
NHSPS had a meeting with Broadacres on 28 November. The agreed actions from this meeting with a two week turn around. The council responded, but they received no communication from Broadacres.
NHSPS on our behalf continue to try and reach a satisfactory conclusion to the outstanding issues in order for the CCG to prepare a business case which concludes the preferred option for the replacement of the health services. The impact of the delay is predominantly on the roll-out of the Extra Care development – but it will prove less than ideal for health to continue to deliver services in a construction site.
Stephanie Porter
Deputy Director of Estates and Capital Programmes