Services we commission Services we commission

Our CCG is responsible for commissioning the majority of hospital, community and mental health services in our area. 

Each service area in our CCG is led by a GP on the Governing Body as well as a Senior Delivery Manager. The information below summarises who is responsible for which service area in our organisation, in relation to our key priorties:

Children's Health 
GP Lead - Dr Charles Parker

Community Services
GP Lead - Dr Mark Hodgson

Long Term Conditions
GP Lead - Dr Charles Parker

Mental Health
GP Lead - Dr George Campbell

Planned Care
GP Lead - Dr George Campbell

Urgent and Emergency Care
GP Lead - Dr Charles Parker

We do not currently commission denstiry or pharmacy. Please contact NHS England for further information on these local services. 

Every year, the CCG undertakes planning. The CCG is currently planning for 2017/18 and 2018/19 - a presentation on this can be downloaded below: